Moving out doesn't need to be a headache


Leaving a Clear View Property Management rental home? In order to simplify the move-out process, please keep the following important items in mind: 


Written Notice

In order for us to process your paperwork and begin marketing the rental home, we require written notice of your intention to vacate the premises. Please be certain to submit this to our offices well in advance. Refer to your lease for specific time frames. 

Cleaning the Rental

Please remember, it's important to restore your rental to its previous condition before handing over the keys. We will conduct a thorough move-out inspection when you leave the premises, looking closely at the condition of the home to identify damage or vandalism. To avoid losing your security deposit, please take the time to carefully clean your rental unit and make any repairs necessary. 

Have Questions?

Should you have any questions about the move-out process, please give us a call: 1 (888) 300-1271