Why Hire a Lethbridge Property Manager vs. DIY?

A lot of rental property owners will ask – why hire a property manager? Can’t I do this myself? You can do many things yourself, but you have to ask if this is worth your time. The property management process is time consuming and requires a lot of knowledge and effort.

How Does Property Management Work?

There are a few things we do for our clients every day, and one of the most important things we do is marketing and advertising. We take professional photos of your property and create a virtual tour. Then, we upload those online so we can find you the best possible tenants for your property. We also collect rent every month and track all that income as well as your expenses. We manage the security deposit and handle the move in inspection. This isn’t just on a simple piece of paper that explains the property condition; it’s a full and detailed inspection including pictures and video. If you end up in court with a dispute over how much of the security deposit went back to the tenant, we have documented the exact condition of the property, and we’re not guessing or asking the judge to believe that the place was clean and undamaged when the tenants moved in.

Property Management Lethbridge

You can do these things yourself, but would you want to? It takes time, and you’ll have to learn all the legal requirements and regulations. You’ll need to spend evenings and weekends collecting rent, dealing with evictions, and managing your tenants. If you have to evict a tenant, that’s a long process that’s often very stressful for landlords. You’ll need to go to court and present all your evidence. If you get a judgment, you’ll need to coordinate with the sheriff to have your tenants removed. You probably want to spend that time with your family and your friends instead.

We have experience with these matters, and experts can offer a lot of value to landlords who work with professional property managers.

If you’d like some help with Lethbridge property management, or you’re just looking for some advice about how to deal with your property or your tenants, please contact us at Clear View Property Management.