Why Owners Trust Clear View Property Management in Lethbridge, Alberta

There are a lot of good reasons to choose Clear View Property management to manage your rental property in Lethbridge, and today we’re sharing a few of those details.

Personal Experience

My wife and I got started with our first rental property when we were 19 years old. I’m in my mid 30s’s now, so I’ve had a few years of experience with rental properties for myself as well as other owners. We manage properties for ourselves and investors all over Canada and even around the world. This means we understand what’s important to owners when they’re looking to hire a property management company in Lethbridge.

Property Management Lethbridge: Technology

We use the latest technology to keep our systems and processes efficient. This allows us to provide full virtual tours of properties when we’re advertising your home. We take professional photos, and we don’t just take a couple of pictures. We will take 20 or 30 photos to get you the maximum exposure you need when we’re advertising online.

Property Management Lethbridge: Communication

We also ask for feedback after every single showing, which helps us rent your property faster. Tenants can request maintenance online and once those repairs are completed, we ask for their feedback on how the repairs were made. This keeps our best tenants happy. We allow electronic payments, which means rent is paid on time, and we pay owners with direct deposits into their bank accounts every month. You will receive a monthly statement with your rental income and a list of any expenses. Open and honest communication is important to us. Tenants and owners can contact us 24/7, and someone will always be available to answer your questions.

If you’d like to see how we’re different from other companies and talk about what we can do to improve your Lethbridge property management experience, please contact us at Clear View Property Management.